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Termite Extermination

Proper treatments to control and exterminate dry wood termites.

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Termite Extermination Lafayette CA

Termites play an important role as decomposers of wood and other vegetative material. Their conflict with us occurs where structures and landscapes are present. These structures and landscapes usually contain dry wood which is the best food of these creatures. Our home and other buildings provide termites with a reliable source of food and moisture to survive. They infest wooden structures and furniture in tropical and subtropical regions. They not only attack dry wood but can also attack damp wood such as lumber material which is usually exposed to rainfall. Termites can also attack the soil and collect cellulose from it. Therefore, to protect your precious home from these nuisance creatures, we are offering the best termite extermination Lafayette CA.

For better control of the termites, we have specialized various methods and termite treatments Lafayette CA. These methods are carefully designed to track termite movements and then exterminating them properly and completely from your property. The solutions we provide are the premium and less expensive alternatives that you will ever find from any other organization. Our licensed field representatives will perform a thorough inspection of your home for possible termites and other similar wood-destroying organisms. They will thoroughly inspect the interior, exterior and even substructure of your home.

Termite Lafayette CA

The Termite Lafayette CA and in the nearby regions are a great pest problem and not in this but also in the surrounding areas. Termites are social insects and there are about 3106 different species of them currently described. These insects are often called white ants while they are not the ants. They are similar to ants and some kind of bees and wasps, they divide their community as workers and soldiers. Every colony has a fertile male called the king and one or more fertile female known as the queen. They mostly fed of dead plant material and cellulose. Their food is generally available in the form of wood, leaf litter, soil, and even animal dung. They are commonly found in the tropical and subtropical regions like Lafayette.

Termites are not always bad. Best termites Lafayette CA and of other areas are those which recycle the wood of plants and other plant matter. Therefore, they are of considerable ecological importance. But contrary to this, they became a problematic pest when they enter your property. This is because they can destroy woodwork. Many termite species can do significant damage to unprotected buildings and wooden structures. So we are offering termite extermination services to control these decomposers of wood and to protect your land.

Termite Control Lafayette CA

Oh No! Termites! There is a popular saying that there are two types of homes. Those who have termites and those who don’t. This saying is very true here in Lafayette CA. The statistics state that there can be nearly ten to eighteen different colonies of termites for every acre. Oh, snap! That means they are much more common than we previously thought. They are the lice of the pest world. People have them but no one likes to talk about them. Sometimes, people have them without even knowing. So now, the question arises. What can we do about them?

The answer to the above question is our effective program for termite control Lafayette CA and the adjoining extents. First of all, in this program, we undergo a thorough inspection. It is required to understand the scope of work required to prevent and eradicate an infestation. We check it all including inside, outside, under, on top of and in between. This inspection is done by our certified and experienced technicians. They will assess your specific needs and give recommendations for maintenance to minimize infestations. Based on the collected data, we will then work to eradicate and control these pests from your property.

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Boyle Hooke Oxford

Echobots Termite and Rodent Pest Solutions Lafayette CA

Boyle Hooke Oxford

Echobots Termite and Rodent Pest Solutions Lafayette CA

Boyle Hooke Oxford

Echobots Termite and Rodent Pest Solutions Lafayette CA

Boyle Hooke Oxford

Echobots Termite and Rodent Pest Solutions Lafayette CA

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