Residential & Commercial Pest Control

Provide proper services for residential and commercial pest control and extermination.

Yellow Jackets & Wasps Removal

Deals with the exclusion and removal of yellow jackets & wasps from your property.

Live Structural Honey Bee Removals

Don't Exterminate; We Extract Live Honey bees then relocate them to neighboring Beekeepers & Farmers.

Commercial Pest Control Company Walnut Creek CA

The Bee Free Team is a full-service residential and commercial pest control company Walnut Creek CA providing its services in the area for many years. We offer chemical-free solutions to all your pest problems ranging from bee and wasps to mice and rat infestations. We offer supreme quality services at competitive rates. Our experienced team specializes in live honey bee removals and can also handle bumblebees, carpenter bees and different species of wasps professionally. We remove your problem safely and effectively. We are committed to utilizing all of our strengths to provide you the highest quality products and services. This is to ensure complete customer satisfaction and gratification.

We also provide pest exclusion services. This service includes an integrated pest management program for a healthier and greener approach for commercial pest control Walnut Creek CA. Our pest exclusion services are a preventive strategy. This tactic screen up and seals the areas of your property from where the pests are most likely to enter. This will control the access of the pests to your property. With spring approaching upon us, the flowers will bloom. These blooming flowers attract bees. This is generally a good thing because they pollinate our food plants but we cannot allow them living in our home. So contact us to expel them from your property.

Pest Exclusion Walnut Creek CA

The only optimal and long-lasting solution for yellow jackets and wasps removal is what known as our services for pest exclusion Walnut Creek CA. This is the only real solution. We remove both the insect and its habitat. It is the only way to be sure that we have taken care of the entire problem. This is what we do here at Bee Free Team. We will not only remove the yellow jackets or wasps from your home but will also completely remove their habitat. We are experts at solving your stinging pests’ problems. Our team is well-known for its great experience and expertise. We have been ridding homes of unwanted insects for more than 15 years and have a history of satisfied and mollified customers.

With our elegant and professional services, we not only control and remove rodents but can also solve any type of related pest control problem Walnut Creek CA. This problem generally arises when the bees and wasps are unprofessionally poisoned inside a wall, attic, roof, chimney or any other enclosed area inside your property. This will leave behind the comb and nesting material along with a pile of dead and rotting insects. The sooner the problem is addressed, the fewer materials will be required for the removal.

Pest Control Walnut Creek CA

We provide emergency services for pest control Walnut Creek CA and the surrounding regions. We are a specialized pest control company that not only removes pests but has special training and experience in handling wasps and bees. Our specialized team can control, remove, relocate and remove bumblebees, honey bees, yellow jackets, paper wasps, carpenter bees and African bees from your property. Our team will leave no sign of their colonies or swarms near you. We remove them humanely and relocate them to the nearest active honey farm. So, don’t poison the bees. It can disturb the natural balance and can also create many other problems.

Whenever you have a pest problem, you have to select from the three options. Either you have to live with them, poison them or remove them efficiently. The first option is the most cost-effective solutions but the problem persists. You still have a pest infestation problem. The second solution seems good because of the immediate population of bees or wasps are no longer flying around your property. But actually, all that poisoning have just masked the root problem. The third and last option is truly effective and it includes acquiring help from a professional firm like the Bee Free Team.

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Boyle Hooke Oxford

Bee Free Team Walnut Creek CA

Boyle Hooke Oxford

Bee Free Team Walnut Creek CA

Boyle Hooke Oxford

Bee Free Team Walnut Creek CA

Boyle Hooke Oxford

Bee Free Team Walnut Creek CA

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