Residential & Commercial Pest Control

Provide proper services for residential and commercial pest control and extermination.

Yellow Jackets & Wasps Removal

Deals with the exclusion and removal of yellow jackets & wasps from your property.

Live Structural Honey Bee Removals

Don't Exterminate; We Extract Live Honey bees then relocate them to neighboring Beekeepers & Farmers.

Wasp Removal Services Pleasanton CA

Biologically speaking, the wasps are neither a bee nor an ant. They are very beneficial for us as they prey on other insects or they simply parasitize them. Therefore, they are critically very important in the natural control mechanism for controlling the number of insects. They are known as nature’s biocontrol. Parasitic wasps are commonly used in agricultural pest control because they are very effective and have very little impact on the crops. But even after all these benefits, it is very dangerous and annoying to have these pests infest your property. Unlike bees, one wasp can sting you for more than one time and nearly 40 to 45 stings are enough to kill you. For this purpose, we are offering wasp control and wasp removal services Pleasanton CA.

Like honey bees, their relatives, the bumblebees feed on nectar and gather pollen to feed their young ones. During this, they pollinate the plants and this very beneficial for the environment. Sometimes, they infest our homes and thus considered pests. So for controlling and exterminating them, we arrange for the bumble bee removal service Pleasanton CA. We work with you to ensure your problems don’t recur. We provide live bee removal services throughout Pleasanton.

Carpenter Bee Removal Service Pleasanton CA

Our team specializes in humane carpenter bee removal services Pleasanton CA without the use of pesticides or any other harmful chemicals. All the bees are relocated and reused and never harmed. Much of our bee exclusion work is tree work. We do it by removing carpenter bee colonies. Then we screen and seal their entry point to your property to avoid future infestations. We provide our excellent services at the most reliable rates that no one else can offer. We also offer double the warranty that our competitors in the area provide. You can cross-check our cost estimation and warranty claims with other firms in the area.

We offer chemical-free and optimistic solutions to all of your problems related to carpenter bee removal Pleasanton CA. We are a full-service pest control company offering pest removal facilities for both residential and commercial customers. Our highly trained and compatible team can do all the pest removal work. In addition to being the most cost-efficient firm in the area, we also offer amazing discounts for seniors and military personnel. We appreciate your interest in the safe removal of the bees. If you have any further question then feel free to contact us. We like to discuss your particular issue with you

Best Carpenter Bee Removal Pleasanton CA

Carpenter bees are bodily larger than other bees. They are distributed worldwide and there are about 500 species of these bees that can be found easily. They got their name carpenter because nearly all of them build their nests in the burrows in dead wood, bamboo or structural timber wood. The female carpenter bees live alongside their daughters and sisters creating a strong social network. They use wood bits to form partitions between the cells in the nest. Some even bore holes in the wood dwellings. Therefore, they can easily damage wood buildings and wooden structures. So we are offering the services for the best carpenter bee removal Pleasanton CA and in the nearby areas.

The carpenter bees are important pollinators of open-faced flowers. Therefore, we cannot exterminate them otherwise it would be very disastrous. So we organize proper services to relocate them. They play a significant part in the seed making process of many plants. So, as the stewards of the earth, we have a responsibility to remove and relocate them to new locations wherever possible. Due to our extensive experience of working with the bees, we are perfectly able to educate and advise our clients on the best and optimal solutions for the removal, control, and prevention of their infestation.

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Boyle Hooke Oxford

Bee Free Team Pleasanton CA

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