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Live Structural Honey Bee Removals

Don't Exterminate; We Extract Live Honey bees then relocate them to neighboring Beekeepers & Farmers.

Honey Bee Removals Service Palo Alto CA

Honey bees are the most common and well-known types of bees. They produce and store honey and construct perennial and colonial nests out of wax. They are very crucial for natural balance as they pollinate different flowering plants. Most of these plants are utilized by us as food. If they infest your property then poisoning them is not an optimal option. Instead, you must acquire our specifically designed safe and humane honey bee removals service Palo Alto CA. These services are also available for the residents of the nearby areas of Pako Alto. We safely remove and relocate these honey producers to nearby active honey farms so that they can continue to generate the sweet nectar.

The services we offer for honey bee removals Palo Alto CA are a perfect alternative for unprofessional poisoning. There are two essential problems with poisoning bees. One is that you end up with a lot of dead insects in the walls of your home. These dead insects are food for other animals like rodents. Everyone knows the nuisance caused by mice and rats. In this way, you will end up trading one problem for another one and yet actually you have not even solved the initial problem.

Live Honey Bee Removals Palo Alto CA

Many companies provide services for honey bee removal in the area but no one is like us. This is not just our claim but the main reason is that they poison the bees while we provide services for live honey bee removals Palo Alto CA. Poisoning arises many grave glitches. This is because the bees or other similar insects will line the inside of your home with wax and other materials. After poisoning, all this material will stay at its place. With time, this lining will seep through walls of your home and attracts bees and wasps right back to the very same spot they were in the first place. You have gained nothing but have just thrown your money in vain.

We are the most reputed and premier honey bee removals company Palo Alto CA and in the nearby extents. We are special because we use a humane and systematic approach for bee removal. Our team will do nothing to kill the bees but instead just relocate them somewhere safe. The Bee Free Team is a licensed firm and all of its services are certified according to the universal standards. We also provide emergency service for a sudden outbreak of pests.

Best Honey Bee Removals Palo Alto CA

Our best honey bee removals Palo Alto CA is the only most efficient and effective honey bee removal procedure. This technique is very humane and nature-friendly. For implementing this technique, we extract the bees along with their hives and transfer them to nearby honey farms and farmers so that the bees can be utilized. Our specialty is that we don’t exterminate. Rather we extract them live and then relocate these honey bees to the neighbouring beekeepers and farmers. In this way we save both the bees and you. This method is the sanest and humane method that can ever be implemented. We don’t want the bees to be exterminated from nature as it would be a disastrous situation. We will also miss their honey too.

So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment. We answer all emails promptly and answer every phone call immediately. We will take care of your pest problem so that you can take care of your home and business. Call us for a free quote and estimation. We also provide free inspection services to our owner able clients. Every client is special for us and we strive to build a long-term business relationship with them. We also offer special discounts to our regular customers.

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