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CCTV & Surveillance

Protect your property by implementing CCTV Security Systems and surveillance and monitor it on your smartphone.

Access Control Systems

Protect your home or office by a solid access control system that meets your needs both complex and simple.

Audio Video Installation

We specialize in every Audio Video System; from conference rooms to home entertainment.

Structured Cabling Services Santa Ana

Structured and low-voltage cabling is the backbone of every network infrastructure. To test and install infrastructure wiring is very crucial. Our team of engineers and technicians have all the experience and expertise needed to handle and deliver you every project. For this, we are providing structured cabling services Santa Ana and in the surrounding areas. We sell and install security systems for both commercial and residential property. We have extremely efficient pricing and excellence of service. A structured cabling system is entirely a system of cabling and related hardware prices. This provides a comprehensive and complete telecommunications infrastructure.

The structured cabling system’s infrastructure serves a wide array of uses. They include the providing of telephone services and transmit data by a computer network. This system is not device-dependent. It is a kind of open network structure. It can be used by several systems like data, telephony, access control, building automation and many more. Structured cabling offers maximum flexibility and efficient operation. The structured cabling system consists of six subsystems. They are the work area, horizontal cabling, backbone cabling, equipment room, telecommunication closet, and entrance facilities. So don’t go elsewhere and contact us for installing a full-fledge cabling system. Call us now to book exciting services.

Structured Wiring Installation Santa Ana

Looking for structured wiring installation Santa Ana or in the nearby areas? Look no further because we are offering the best services for structured wiring services in the area. Structured wiring is an all-purpose term that refers to a whole-house network of audio, video, data, telephone, television, home automation or security signals. Therefore, it is crucial for the overall working of any modern house. As for offices, we cannot even imagine to run them without a proper network wiring. Structured wiring begins with a structured networking panel that can accept cables from outside providers and distributors. Then it signals them directly to each room in your property.

There are several structured cabling companies Santa Ana but no one is like us. We offer cost and time-efficient premium services. We are a licensed firm and so you can completely rely on us and trust us that we are not spam. Structural cabling is very crucial and beneficial as it reduces power costs. The total maintenance cost is also very low and it also eliminates the time and money spent on locating and rectifying the arising issues. The structured cabling system provides an enhanced level of flexibility. This in return helps to improve overall performance and business growth.

Structured Cabling Installation Santa Ana

Want to install a structured cable at your property? Contact us! We, the RKA Security Systems, are offering the best services for structured cabling installation Santa Ana and in the surrounding areas. This cabling system can be installed while a home is still under construction, retrofitted during a remodel or added on its own. The home runs are the direct lines that run throughout your home as a result of structured cable wiring. They ensure the strongest possible connection and signal to each of your electronic devices. All the connectors and accessories connect to build up a LAN system. LAN stands for local area network. It is built inside a residential or commercial building. At a minimum, it consists of a modem, router or network switch and Ethernet cabling.

To handle your every cabling requirement, we have customarily designed the services. Our team is highly specialized and qualified. It consists of expert engineers that are certified to provide optimal solutions for your networking problems. We use a wide range of networking cables and choose the best match after analyzing your specific needs. We can handle coaxial cables, shield twisted pair cable and even fiber optic cable alike. Contact us to know more about our wiring services.

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RKA Security Systems Santa Ana

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RKA Security Systems Santa Ana

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RKA Security Systems Santa Ana

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RKA Security Systems Santa Ana

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