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Long Distance Moving

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, we will get you there.

Boxes & Supplies

Ensuring that you have the right supplies and boxes to complete your next home or business move.

Packing Services

A leading company having years of experience in effective and secure packing & unpacking.

Furniture Moving Services Lewisville TX


If you have some kind of furniture that you are no longer using but still don’t want to give it away then our furniture moving services Lewisville TX are your most premium option. We can take this furniture from your home and put it in your garage. If you don’t have a proper place for this then we are also providing storage services. We can transport you with useless furniture for your storage unit. Furniture moving and heavy lifting services are most commonly used for moving items short distances such as inside your home or within the same building. But our specialized and professional individuals can assist you even for long-distance furniture moving. We can help you move your furniture at a distance of ranging from a few blocks to across the country.

Some heavy-lifting companies provide moving trucks for local transportation, and others simply provide the muscle and you even have to provide for the packing supplies and truck rental. Country to this, we provide a complete moving package including truck rental, packing supplies, packing unpacking, loading-unloading, and carting at a very handsome and reasonable rate. We are a certified firm and guarantee the quality of the service every time.

Large Item Moving Lewisville TX


Some non-professional moving companies offer unrealistic and fake quotes and show themselves as they are very cheap but after the service providence, they charge you more. They provide non-binding estimates for large item moving Lewisville TX. On the other hand, we provide the most accurate pricing and precise quotes. We collect information about the very specific type and size of the furniture you want to be moved. After that, we confirm how far you want the furniture to be moved including any stairs or similar obstacles. Afterward, our experienced and technical analysts thoroughly study the whole case and suggest proper, accurate and most cost-effective quotes.

Senior people always love their place of living and it is not always easy to relocate and move with them. We provide proper management services for senior moving Lewisville TX by assisting older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation. We do this by devising an overall move and relocation plan. Then we organize, sort downsize the whole plan. We suggest customized floor plans. We provide proper packing, unpacking, loading and unloading services. Moving related services such as cleaning, waste removal, shopping, and senior escort, etc. We also provide guidance about the basic and attractive places of the new location.

Heavy Item Moving Lewisville TX


There are some companies that provide services for heavy item moving Lewisville TX but there is none like the Community of Champions Moving. We provide the most cost-effective and low priced solutions for every type of moving. We offer quick and easy moving services. Heaving items such as a pool table or piano are always a hassle. They must be handled with great care and efficiency. Your pool table also qualifies as furniture. But if you are planning to move it then it is a good investment to hire a professional pool table mover like us. Despite their weight and toughness, pool tables are astonishingly delicate. This is why they must always be handled with intense care to preserve their balance and to protect their slate and felt.

The piano is another heavy item in our household. Moving a piano is also a delicate job. You should hire a sophisticated piano mover who is properly trained to take on the job. If you are looking for someone in the area for this job then you can get no one other than us. We have the proper packing and carting equipment for handling every type of heavy load items. Our services are not only limited to household items but they also cover commercial and factory items.

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Boyle Hooke Oxford

Community of Champions Moving Lewisville TX

Boyle Hooke Oxford

Community of Champions Moving Lewisville TX

Boyle Hooke Oxford

Community of Champions Moving Lewisville TX

Boyle Hooke Oxford

Community of Champions Moving Lewisville TX

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