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Pest Control Service

Our team undergoes intensive testing, as well as licensing and training before we send them out to serve you.

Bed Bugs Control Service

Canadian Pest Solutions is proud to offer you a bed beg control special for your home or business

Rats Control Service

We never overlook any problem instead we go above and beyond our work to give you the best service every time

Commercial Pest Control Service

No business owner wants pests in their business. It can have lasting and damaging effects on your business’ reputation, not to mention the space itself

Spider Control Service

Among our services, we specialize in taking care of spiders. Our spider sprays on the outside of your house helps prevent them from coming inside your home

Cockroach Extermination

We have been working for years in order to make the best services for Cockroach Extermination

Residential pest control Windsor Ontario

Places like where we nobody is living and they are closed for quite a time, after some time when they are needed to be open they are possessed by such kinds of pests. These pests involve rodents, cockroaches, spiders, wasps, hopers, mouse, ants etc. And they can make your places completely unhealthy and not suitable for living. So for that, you have to remove or terminate them from there to make the place completely hygienic. Residential pest control Windsor Ontario helps you, in the same way, to help you terminate these tiny pests rather from old and closed places or open but still pest infected places. Teams are professional and they know every pro and con of the job so you can come at ease among the work.
Among these pests, the most common are rodents they can slip into your house. And cause a huge menace among you and your family’s health. You can find them roaming in your kitchen among the food making it bacterial and infectious. Rodent control Windsor Ontario controls the invasion of rodents as well as of other pests that can invade in your house, so for our quick service contact us.

Rats removal Windsor Ontario 

Pests mostly invade in every house.  Every one of the fifth houses is being a target or a host of these tiny pests. These pests mostly don’t bother humans but the majority of them spread fatal diseases that cannot be tolerated. Among these pests, rodents are the most common of all. The rodents are 40% in species of all the mammals count meaning that they are found vast in number. Rodents are found all over the world but not in Antarctica because of the extreme cold temperature there. Rodents are sometimes big a mouse with typical rounded ears and incisors among jaws. Rats, Hamsters, Chinchillas are the lower category of rodents.

Mus and squirrels also fall in the category of rodents and they are needed to be removed sometime from the house. Rodents have a large variety of mammals in it like Beavers and Gophers also include in them. Sometimes these rodents become messy and colonize in your places. And in order to remove them, you have to get help from professionals. Rodent Extermination Windsor Ontario have the professional personnel and they can lead you to terminate them from your with no worry. They are very skilled in their job and also our costs are unbeatable than other companies.

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Canadian Pest Solutions Windsor Ontario

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Canadian Pest Solutions Windsor Ontario

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Canadian Pest Solutions Windsor Ontario

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Canadian Pest Solutions Windsor Ontario

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