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Our team undergoes intensive testing, as well as licensing and training before we send them out to serve you.

Bed Bugs Control Service

Canadian Pest Solutions is proud to offer you a bed beg control special for your home or business

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We never overlook any problem instead we go above and beyond our work to give you the best service every time

Commercial Pest Control Service

No business owner wants pests in their business. It can have lasting and damaging effects on your business’ reputation, not to mention the space itself

Spider Control Service

Among our services, we specialize in taking care of spiders. Our spider sprays on the outside of your house helps prevent them from coming inside your home

Cockroach Extermination

We have been working for years in order to make the best services for Cockroach Extermination

Bed Bug Treatments London Ontario

Because of the resurgence of bed bugs lately, we have concocted brilliant bed bug treatments London Ontario. The prohibition on DDT and the expansion in universal travel are to a great extent to fault for their reappearance. While beds might be ground zero for these annoying bugs, they can be found at any place, including clinics, planes, cinemas, and even retail establishments. If you speculate a bed bug pervasion, you should contact Canadian Pest Solutions, the authorized bed bug exterminator, right away.

Proof of a bed bug pervasion will be little dark-spotted droppings on a sleeping pad or box spring, shed skins castings, and eggs which are about difficult to see. The other sign is biting. Through a thorough review and treatment process, these bugs can be dispensed with. Canadian Pest Solutions will direct an exhaustive bed bug investigation for your home or business for free. If a pervasion is discovered, we'll structure a thorough arrangement for complete bed bug pest control London Ontario in cost proficient way. Successful bed bug control is critical, and our expert exterminators take care of business right. Get in touch with us to find out more. We are here if you need us. If we can respond to a couple of inquiries for you we'd be glad to help.

Pest Removal London Ontario

With regards to ant extermination London Ontario there is no preferable organization to bring over Canadian Pest Solutions. The entirety of our specialists is exceptionally prepared in finding ant homes and taking them out during their treatment so you don't need to see them once more. On finding and killing the ants' homes, we likewise give an internal and external treatment to keep any further homes from blossoming. Dissimilar to the other pest removal London Ontario organizations, we utilize quality sprayers to treat the outside of your property. You can have a sense of security realizing that no creepy crawlies are going to demolish your late spring.

Similarly, you can confide in us for wasp extermination London Ontario. Wasps can transform into a significant issue immediately when they attack your home or spot of business. At Canadian Pest Solutions, we've created successful wasp control strategies for our clients. If you've been spotting wasps inside or around your property, approach us for thorough wasp extermination services. In the correct conditions, wasps may not present a lot of risks other than the chance of a sting. However, if wasps breed rapidly on your property, it's an ideal opportunity to contact Canadian Pest Solutions for wasp control services.

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