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Our team undergoes intensive testing, as well as licensing and training before we send them out to serve you

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Canadian Pest Solutions is proud to offer you a bed beg control special for your home or business

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We never overlook any problem instead we go above and beyond our work to give you the best service every time

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No business owner wants pests in their business. It can have lasting and damaging effects on your business’ reputation, not to mention the space itself

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Among our services, we specialize in taking care of spiders. Our spider sprays on the outside of your house helps prevent them from coming inside your home

Cockroach Extermination

We have been working for years in order to make the best services for Cockroach Extermination

Residential Pest Control Chatham Kent ON

If you are looking for the services for residential pest control Chatham Kent ON then Canadian Pest Control is your best choice. We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with a pest infestation. How do they find their way inside your home? This question is our priority. We get right to the root cause of the problem and then develop a strategy that considers your time, health and money well. Our specially designed service plans ensure that you get the most effective treatment to eliminate the problem and prevent its recurrence. Pest problems can spread very quickly and time has a major impact on the cost of the procedure.

If you are searching for the best pest control Chatham Kent ON then look no further. Let our experienced team help to make your home an undesirable place for pests. Pests bring diseases and parasite problems. They can even cause damage to your home. Spreading over multiple floors, invading furniture or damaging the house’s structural components, pest problems don’t get better on their own with age. Once they find a point of entry it only takes a few days or so for one or two pests to become an infestation. So don’t delay and call today for your free non-obligatory home consultation.

Rodent Extermination Chatham Kent ON

Rodents require special treatment and control measures. They are incredibly common animals that often carry diseases and cause damage to your property as well. The rodent control process focuses on both eliminating the problem and sealing up the home to prevent the animals from getting inside. Our methods are safe and reliable and are perfect for every type of rodent extermination Chatham Kent ON. We always focus on resolving the issue in a fast and effective manner. Our experienced technicians will work with you to reduce the impact on your busy schedule. We guarantee all of our work and ensure a timely solution to each pest problem.

We can handle every kind of rat and mice that are generally very hard to detect. Rats can slip into your home even though the smallest of holes. They have adapted themselves into being the perfect home invaders. Unfortunately, they bring different parasites and bacteria with them that can make you and your family very sick. On the other hand, mice being smaller than rats are still a big problem for residential and commercial properties. They also can cause damages and diseases. So for rodent control Chatham Kent ON, we have the best solutions. So book your appointment today and evict those uninvited guests.

Bed Bug Treatments Chatham Kent ON

Need bed bugs extermination services? Contact Canadian Pest Solutions to handle this job. When it comes to getting rid of the bed bugs we similarly approach them as with the rodents. Our approach is to build a covering around as much ground as possible to prevent and provide bed bug treatments Chatham Kent ON. This is to prevent the spread of this fast-moving insect. They are very hard to spot and they can invade your house by sticking on clothes, luggage or used furniture. They are about the size of an apple seed but still very annoying.

Though they cannot fly, they can walk along floors, walls, and ceilings and can spread throughout your home. They grow five times in their complete life cycle. They need your blood at each point to grow. These bugs leave blood stains and rust-colored marks all over your bed-sheets, pillowcases and furniture and itchy bumps all over your body. To deal with this foe, you need the best pest control services on your side. Canadian Pest Solutions will help you to get these unwanted bedfellows under control and out of your house. So call today and set up your free evaluation now.

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Canadian Pest Solutions Chatham Kent ON

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Canadian Pest Solutions Chatham Kent ON

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Canadian Pest Solutions Chatham Kent ON

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