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Pigeon Proofing and Prevention

Eliminating nesting sites to prevent further nesting and reproduction.

Solar Panel Protection and Cleaning

Nest removal and fecal matter cleanup from underneath solar panels.

A/C Unit Screening

Metal galvanized screening placed around roof installed A/C units to prevent roosting and nesting pigeons.

Trapping Programs

Trapping programs are designed to rid your home or business of “resident pigeons”.


Dry cleanup of bulk fecal matter accumulation and then washing down and away any further debris that may be present.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are installed in one foot increments to prevent roosting and perching.

Pigeon Cleaning Service Mesa AZ

Pigeons are considered pests in many states including Arizona. They are compared with mice and rats. They just not only infest the whole area but also spread many diseases like E. coli, encephalitis, histoplasmosis, and salmonellosis. These diseases cause many symptoms including nausea, fever, cramps, drowsiness, headache, decreased respiratory function, chills, abdominal discomfort, and flu-like symptoms. They also carry some parasitic insects like mites and flees which can also create a great infesting problem. Their droppings are also very harmful and can cause very serious issues. Therefore, it is highly recommended by medical officials to never touch these droppings or even these birds barehanded. But their dropping must have to be washed off. So we provide our clients with the best ever pigeon cleaning service Mesa AZ and in surrounding areas to help you in this process.

As it is obvious that these birds cause great mischief and spread many diseases by their dropping. It is highly suggested that if you accidentally touch them or their droppings then you must wash your hands thoroughly with a good antibacterial agent or soap. Washing and cleaning your property, again and again, is not a fixable and cost-effective way of handling the matter. So we are providing the best pigeon control services Mesa AZ.

Pigeon Removal Service Mesa AZ

Adding to the disaster, the droppings of the pigeons are corrosive and can severely harm even concrete buildings. Due to these hazards of these birds, they are considered as pests. If you are dealing with an infestation by them then you are very lucky because you have us, the Professional Pigeon Control. We are offering out-class and standardized pigeon removal service Mesa AZ and the adjacent areas in the state of Arizona. Our services are nature-friendly and also pigeon friendly. We definitely don’t want to kill these birds and destroy the eco-system. What we need is to just scare them away permanently.

For pigeon removal Mesa AZ we apply different techniques and strategies. We use eco-friendly chemicals that just scare-away the birds. We also use specialized nets to save solar panels and other valuable items so the birds would not even get close to them. Our strategy also includes the cleaning of the property so that there be no easy food sources for the pigeons and like every other living being, they will migrate from your property. We will thoroughly analyze your specific pigeon problem and then apply the most appropriate and effective way for their eradication. We are a licensed and certified firm that can help you overcome any type of bird infestation problem.

Pigeon Removal Near me Mesa AZ

If you were searching for pigeon removal near me then you have surfed to the right spot. We, the Professional Pigeon Control, are the best option for pigeon removal and control. As our name suggests, we are the professionals of pigeon control and have years of experience in this field. We don’t give quotes
over the phone by looking at satellite imagery. We feel like the best way to know what’s happening and how to take care of the problem, is to come out and see for ourselves. Our estimates are always free and our advice is always straight forward, honest, and professional. We look forward to speaking with you, meeting you, and taking care of your home or business.

For acquiring our services, what you need to do is to just schedule us and then just sit back and take rest. It is our duty to make a proper plan and then execute it. We offer pigeon proofing and prevention, solar panel protection and cleaning, AC unit screening, pigeon trapping programs, property cleanup and applying spikes. Our goal is to offer the best quality, honest and consistent pigeon control services. Contact us today by either calling, texting or by email.

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Boyle Hooke Oxford

Professional Pigeon Control LLC Mesa AZ

Boyle Hooke Oxford

Professional Pigeon Control LLC Mesa AZ

Boyle Hooke Oxford

Professional Pigeon Control LLC Mesa AZ

Boyle Hooke Oxford

Professional Pigeon Control LLC Mesa AZ

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